Camper Vans

Our 6 person british-built Elddis motor home is spacious and packs power for all landscapes

Comfort and style

This 6 person camper has a spacious cabin area which seats 4 around the central table seating area which serves also as the 4 additional person travel seating, each seat with its own approved seat belt. The rear U shaped lounge also has a table to seat 4 people.

The dining area is also served with a three-ring gas stove and gas oven, with an additional electric plate to allow you to cook should you run out of gas!. The sink and mixer tap fix securely whilst in motion and the fridge is integrated into the appliance unit making everything handy and within reach of the cooking and dining area. All cutlery and plates are stored in the compartments above the sink and are securely fastened during transit.

The TV is mounted next to the main door and being a modern flat-screen full-freeview TV is unobtrusive and still viewable from the dining area. Safety is a main feature with fire extinguisher within reach and all the dials and meters for water/waste and gas levels are located on the wall behind the TV.

We have also installed a microwave for convenience.

Travel and rest in comfort

We (and the manufacturer) offer the camper van as a 6 berth motor home, and it really does sleep 6 with the rear-most section (complete with modesty sliding door) converting from a comfortable 4 seater area into a full-width double bed (with it's own TV) .

The main dining area table snaps out and provides the base for the second double bed in the main cabin and the final hidden gem is in the form of an integrated double sleeping area above the driving cabin and is accessible via the integrated ladder. Tip: we recommend storing all bulky bedding in this section during travel so maximising the space available for eating and socialising!

Drive in style

Power is supplied via the main Peugeot diesel engine

Outstanding driving performance is supplied by a Peugeot Boxer 2.2 hdi turbo diesel for increased fuel economy with six speed gear box which offers a reduce emission output as well. Cruise control and multi-position driver seats with arm rests allows the driving to feel as luxurious as the rest of the camper!

The Majestic Range, unlike most other motorhomes, is built on a standard Peugeot chassis, which we do not modify. Keeping the integrity of the Peugeot chassis gives the Autoquest unrivalled driving qualities. We have also installed a rear parking camera on the rear view mirror as well as parking sensors which allows for careful reversing management.

Other features

The camper van also has an external bike rack for 3 bikes, access to the gas and water inlets/outlets and access to the leisure battery which is charged during driving time and allows up to 24 hours complete charging of the fridge, TVs and other devices you may want to use without having to worry about power usage.

The camper comes fully equipped with all you need to be self-sufficient (other than food) with cutlery, plates and cooking tools all stored in the lockable units around the dining cabin.

We provide bedding for 6 inclusive within the rental charge.